How I Taught Alphabet Objects to My Todler Before Turning Two

Graphics, stories, screens, walk time, and questions effectively engage the toddlers

Afzal Badshah, PhD
3 min readAug 8, 2023
Author with his son practicing alphabet objects

Children begin learning from the very beginning. Parents engage in “one-sided-talks” with their children, and the children stores these words in their memory. After a few months, they respond with a smile, and after a year with sweet sounds. For two years, they address you with their sweet dialect and turn your pain into a smile. These one-sided talks are unknown to them, but these are the sounds that nurture them and fill them with love.

In the half of the second year, children vocabulary learning get faster, and they start speaking the names of other objects as well. If parents focus on practicing language skills during walks or by asking the child about objects they point to, it greatly helps in developing their vocabulary.

Children enjoy listening to stories, and I used this as a way to teach my child new words. I would tell my child stories and when he started recognizing objects, he would ask for stories about his favorite objects or animals. His father would then tell stories specifically about those objects.

Graphics are Intresting for Children

When my child was turning two, I ordered a sheet with all the alphabet and objects. I used this sheet to teach him what each object is and what it does. For example, “A is for Apple and we eat apples. B is for Ball and we play with balls.”

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I Made the Walk Time Productive

During walks, I would ask my child what we do with objects like a jug, and he would try to answer the question. I used to start from object A and continued it to the object related to Z. And he successfully started defining that what is this object and what it do.

Smart Use of Screen Boasted The Understanding

Most of the experts are against of screen use. Sure, there are issues with a massive use of screen but its controlled use is very important. This is a digital world and if we deprive our children from the digital skills, they wouldn’t be able to compete the other children. Therefore, during my child screen time, I would show him related objects. He used to see them very intrestinglly.

Author with his child planting in school

Storeis Make My Work Easy

Similarly, during story time, I would incorporate these objects into the stories. When traveling with mother to her school, he started naming the roads and objects on the roadside. For example, he understood the difference between cars, coaches, buses, and trucks.

Learning Start From Questions

With these alphabet objects, we started daily activities. I would often ask him to search for a specific object and he would not only find it but also tell me what that object does.

This entire journey was not only enjoyable but also a great pleasure when my child started recognizing these things. It helped us connect on a deeper level because I strongly believe that a strong parental connection is the foundation of positive parenting parenting.

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