How Medium Helped Me in Publishing My Book

I Wish Every Parent Knew This: Parents, Children & School

Afzal Badshah, PhD
3 min readSep 13, 2023
I Wish Every Parent Knew This! Parents, Children & School

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I grew up in the village. There was no learning environment and no teachers in the village school. Neither the parents were aware enough that children should study. Since other children went to school in the morning, I was also sent with the goal that when I grew up and went out to work, I would be able to read the signboards of buses and cities and reach my destination easily.

Radios were commonly used, and the BBC was very popular in those days, so I started listening to it. I was particularly interested in the news about space expeditions, so I would listen with great interest and try to learn about these missions. This thirst for knowledge led me to books.

When I was in 5th grade, I heard about pocket money from a child and was surprised to learn that children get money every day when they come to school. On Saturdays, there was a market held in the village, and my mother would give me two rupees on the same day. It was an era of books and stories. In the market, there was a stall where short stories were available for two rupees each. I would spend these two rupees each week on stories, which ignited my thirst for education, even though my family had no direct connection to it. This thirst drove me towards pursuing higher education. When it comes to my PhD, I would credit the books I read during my childhood as an influential factor.

In February of 2021, I embarked on a quest to find online platforms that could assist me in managing and sharing my writings with the public. After exploring various options, I settled on Medium. Its user-friendly interface and simplicity stood out compared to other alternatives. Particularly, its editor attracted me a lot. Its quite simple and produce stunning looks.

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I commenced publishing my stories on Medium on a daily basis. This endeavour was born out of my role as the principal of a public school, where I engage with numerous parents each month, listening to their concerns. In December of 2022, a thought struck me — why not compile my 14 years of experience with students and parents into the form of a book? Such a book could potentially prompt parents to reconsider their parenting approaches.

To begin this journey, I sifted through my existing medium content and began organizing the relevant pieces. The initial month was dedicated to structuring the book, and it took an additional five to six months to refine, augment, and assess it from various perspectives.

Today, the book is accessible across multiple platforms, and I owe its successful publication to my unwavering passion for writing and the invaluable support of Medium.

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