Punishment Never Corrects a Child

The problem with developing nations is that parents and teachers there control the children with a stick, and it is considered to be very effective

Afzal Badshah, PhD
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Screaming, yelling, hitting, and grabbing something are all negative punishments that make children naughty, stubborn, and rude. You can replace them with positive punishments. For example, if they do not use the dustbin, you can make them clean the room as a punishment. Use social rewards, such as hugs and kisses, more than material rewards, like toys or candy. Social rewards can be given more often and are more powerful.

I observed in the school that about one or two percent of the children do not aim to study. They spoil the atmosphere of the school. Every other day their complaints are registered on the complaint register. In fact, these children are often beaten at home in an attempt to correct their behavior and prevent them from going astray.

The problem with developing nations is that parents and teachers there control the children with a stick, and it is considered to be very effective.

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As a result of this beating, the relationship of respect between children, parents, and teachers is destroyed. Because there is no relation of respect and honor between son and father, being beaten is no longer a problem for them or they are elders now and can react to such things. Therefore, they are completely independent from their homes and parents do not want to face them at all.

It is my belief that nothing is more important in a person’s life than the positive upbringing of their children.

I once met a father of such children. The child was still in the middle school section. His father was telling me that he was beaten a lot at home but still he did not give up his bad habits and company. Another father whose son was in the secondary (matriculation) section said that his child had been punished severely at home. He added that his child was young now and he couldn’t handle it. The father couldn’t even speak in front of his son. A child who was cooperative in the absence of the parent became aggressive in the presence of the father. There are hundreds of such incidents that are commonly seen.

Corporal punishment produces various negative behaviors;

  • it creates aggression in children,
  • Causes feelings of shame which leads to low self-esteem,
  • Decreases academic performance,
  • Increases anxiety and depression,
  • Causes behavioral problems,
  • Poor social skills,
  • Mental health problems,
  • An increased risk of drug abuse,
  • Criminal behavior in children

Instead of using corporal punishment to discipline children, alternative methods such as positive reinforcement, changing the child’s perception, and keeping the child creatively engaged can be applied. It is also important to provide children with a safe space to express their feelings and emotions. These methods of dealing with misbehavior provide more effective long-term results than the use of corporal punishment.

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