Serve Humanity, Not a Person — A True Reason of Happiness

Be exceptional rather than altering yourself to be useful in particular situations

Afzal Badshah, PhD
4 min readMar 3, 2022


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People don’t remember you for your kindness; instead, they remember you for one poor quality out of a hundred good ones. Don’t do good to a person, but to humanity. Make it a habit to be excellent rather than adapting yourself to be useful in specific situations. Serving humanity, in my opinion, and experience provides unmatched calm and satisfaction in life. Serving humanity brings true love, happiness, and peace. We should live lives that are meaningful, and filled with love and humanity.

Rather than modifying yourself to be useful in specific situations, make it a habit to be exceptional.

The purpose is to achieve peace and love

Everyone’s ultimate goal in life is peace and love. They achieve it in different ways: some race up the materialistic path and live an artificial existence, while others come to serve, which is actual life. The majority of us think that serving humanity needs wealth, it is not true, it needs a good and loving heart.

The majority of us think that serving humanity requires wealth, it is not true, it requires a kind and loving heart.

A public servant must have a caring heart

Public servants are notorious for underperforming and failing to serve the public as needed. In most countries, they accept bribes from the applicant. This destroys the nation. Such behaviour cannot give peace of mind. Public servants must have human feelings. They get this opportunity with pay and authority. Allah Almighty have special blessings upon them.

Public servants get human serving opportunity with compensation and authority. They most have a soft heart and motivation to serve the public.

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Don’t expect to be rewarded for serving humanity

Usually, we expect a reward in return to serve humanity. This shouldn't be practised. it’s not necessary that serving will return in love and peace always, sometimes it gives pain too. However, this pain is not in long term. This converts to calmness. Helping others is the true purpose of life, so we must continue it.

Pain experienced when serving humanity does not last long.

Positive thinking gives a happy life

The person, having positive emotions for everyone, should be grateful to Allah. He was blessed with such “grace” that few people have. In fact, our peace and success are directly related to our positive thinking. If we are positive, we succeed, otherwise, the alternative is full of darkness. Live a positive life and stay happy.

Positive thinking is a gift from Allah, and such a person should be grateful to Him.

The unconscious mind is the true life, so purify it

Our unconscious mind is the main reason for the current form of life. Changing your unconscious means, you are changing your life. We’re driven by our unconscious. Our major life decisions are formed by our unconscious. Therefore, change your unconscious mind, I mean change your bad habits which give you pain.

We’re driven by our unconscious. So, purify your conscious mind.

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Negative people are always looking for flaws in successful people

When you get a good place in society, negative-minded people will discuss you. They will always look for your weak points to discuss. If they fail to seek, they will create but they must discuss. Never take tension from such people and discussions in your life. usually, such a discussion is made by those rotten, narrow-minded people who only work in dreams. They are far from practical life. And it’s also a universal truth that the person trying to let you down has already fallen.

When a person achieves a high social status, the negative ones look for his weaknesses to discuss.

Be smart, not hard, in your activities

Furthermore, for a happy and peaceful life, be smart, and not hard in your daily activities. Take smart decisions. Forget the work burden as you cross the gate of the workplace. Devote your every second to the work as you enter the workplace.

Be smart not hard in daily life activities.

Life exists in our unconscious mind, which we usually refer to as our habits. We’re not how we look by our physique, how we dress or talk. We’re like our habits — how our unconscious mind works. ٰIt’s easy to choose bad habits but it’s harder and uncertain to live with. Similarly, it’s harder to choose good habits but it’s easy to live with.

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